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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Royal Alliance Associates?

Royal Alliance Associates, Inc. is an independent broker-dealer and an unaffiliated third party. While giving us access to the securities markets, Royal Alliance provides compliance and supervisory oversight of Golden Gate Financial and Insurance Solutions for our clients.

Are you employed by Royal Alliance?

No. We are employees of Golden Gate Financial. Royal Alliance Associates, Inc. are independent third parties that provide services to us.

Who oversees Golden Gate Financial?

Royal Alliance Associates, Inc. provides Golden Gate Financial. with legal, compliance, and supervisory oversight. Representatives of Golden Gate Financial. must demonstrate that the firm has followed industry standards in terms of investment recommendations and their suitability for clients. We have an on-site audit conducted by Royal Alliance on an average of twice per year. At this audit, our books and records are reviewed over several days to ensure that we are complying with all industry rules and regulations as well as adhering to Royal Alliance’s strict procedural requirements.

Royal Alliance also surveils our email traffic to make sure there are no misrepresentations or violations of regulations surrounding email communications with clients.

Are you still John Hancock?

Advisor Group’s Royal Alliance Associates acquired Signator Investors from John Hancock. The acquisition merged the two firms allowing us to provide wider range of services for our clients.

Will you be around when I’m old?

Investors are concerned about what happens if their advisory firm is no longer willing or able to assist them. They depend on their advisors and a sudden and unexpected interruption of advice and guidance can very disruptive.

We believe that having a viable succession plan is part of our fiduciary duty to our clients. Our team is intentionally structured to provide you and our family with a lifetime of advice and guidance, assuring your financial plan spans decades and generations. Tested in 2017, our plan provides for an orderly and seamless transfer of firm ownership and governance in the event of the absence of current leadership.

Would you be able to review my insurance policies?

We have over 35 cumulative years of experience as an insurance agency. We have more experience in working directly with insurer-- and the underwriting department to know exactly what the company is looking for, is willing to underwrite, and at what cost. Not to say individual insurance agents are bad, but working with a good agency can add significant value to your protection planning.

We will also be able to provide increased level of oversight, policy review and policy-holder services than your financial advisor can.

Do you provide comprehensive financial planning?

Yes we offer financial planning to our investment management clients. We view a client’s financial plan as a vital guide for investment decisions and other issues in the various stages of a person’s life. (We do not require that a client have a financial plan in order to utilize our investment management or insurance illustration request)

What is your minimum for investment management services?

Different money manager require different amount of investments based on the package recommended.

How do I start a complimentary conversation?

Contact us at 650 341 5050 or
or go to our Contact Us page.